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Beijing Sanwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Custom and Cheap table tennis bat,table tennis rubber,table tennis racket,table tennis paddle,table tennis blade Supplier and Manufacturer.

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Beijing Sanwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of table tennis balls, table tennis rackets, table tennis equipment.

We own a proprietary intellectual property of table tennis rackets with super-light carbon mat added in. The patent number is ZL-02246034.9. Super-light soft carbon of felt structure is a kind of thin carbon fiber mat wet processed, which is a new technology. Its fibers are multi-directionally inter-woven, with a smooth surface and strong adsorb ability. The carbon mat is 30g/square meter on average and the compressed thickness is 0.1 mm. Each layer of fiber mat is approximately 1g, so suppose a pure wooden blade is 80g. Then it will be 90g when 9 layers of fiber mats are added. Let us take the 10-layer wood and 9-layer carbon blade for example. It consists of 10 layers of thin wood and 9 layers of high-tech carbon mat. The wood has lost almost all its internal stress after having been planed many times and the 9 layers of carbon mats are adde... [Details]
Company: Beijing Sanwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.
Address: No.27 Chuang Xin Road, Science and Technology Park, Changping District, Beijing, China
Postcode: 102200
Telephone: 86-10-69713277
Fax: 86-10-89748698
Contact P: Amy LEE (Sir.)